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If Your Writing Sucks QUIT

For readers, writers, and all lovers of books: this is the writing guide "they" never wanted you to read.

With her deliciously dark sense of humour, Faye Ling stabs at the soft underbelly of the writing world. She casts her discerning eye over many of writing and publishing's little darlings, before breaking their necks and casting them aside like flaccid rag dolls.

Weaponising rapier wit and sardonic put-downs, Faye is cynicism incarnate--she is like no one you have ever read, and may be someone you wish you never had. Whether you laugh or cry will depend on what you're made of--but however Faye moves you, reading this book will be an experience you will never forget.

* For readers and book-lovers, this eBook offers a peek into the hairy netherworld of writers, writing and publishing.
* For writers, Faye-as-your-guide will either be your clarion call-to-arms and the challenge you have to meet, or she will be the rock of reality that sinks your little dinghy of hope.

Read her and weep--you, your reading/writing, and your will to live may never be the same again.

WARNING: You may come across the occasional use of colourful language and vividly descriptive prose.

Please click on the cover above to read a preview.​

by Faye Ling

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