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My Mirror Self, and I

Cassie is a small town girl with everyday dreams...


... a happy marriage, a fulfilling job, and eventually a family. In eighteen short months her life and hopes slide from her grasp - her marriage to David is failing, and her career prospects are fading fast. Already struggling with her isolation as depression tightens its grip, she is devastated to discover she has breast cancer...

Now Cassie has to choose. Does she let her downward spiral continue all the way to the bottom, or can she find something - anything - to fight for and find a future worth living?

This novella is an intimate exploration of a young woman's struggle with breast cancer and depression, described as "powerful", "compelling" and "uncompromising" by readers. Exploring themes like those in Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar, but written in a style more akin to Alan Bennett's Talking Heads with elements of Victoria Hislop's The Island, this a memorable tale about finding the courage to forge a future.

Please click on the cover above to read a preview.​

by T. James.

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