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Oh well, if I must: My reading over the years has tended towards fantasy and science-fiction, but I have probably read at least one book from each major genre. I undertook this task so I would appear to be a cultured man-of-the-world. Appearances can be deceptive.

I used to spend inordinate amounts of time playing computer games. Then I had to get a job, and get married, and have a son. My gaming was curtailed somewhat, but being of such a generous disposition I sequentially forgave my employer, my wife and my son. This was probably not as easy as it should have been.


However, that is all in the past. For now, for better or worse, I am a writer. Computer games enabled me to engage in megalomaniacal ( I don’t care if it isn’t actually a word; I like it, therefore, in my own biography, I will use it) wish fulfilment inside the fantasies of others. As a writer I now have complete control; not only over the main character, but of all the characters, their world, lives, loves, and even whether they have an afterlife. Until I can assume my rightful place upon the Throne Of The World, writing will enable me to practice and hone the skills I will need when I attain utter dominion.


If you ever see my work for sale, and you choose to buy it, I will ensure things go favourably for you and your loved ones when I wield ultimate power over your worthwhile, yet humble, lives…

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