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About T James 

T. James came late to the world of fiction writing and poetry, his creativity having been buried for 25 years under a lab coat, Fat Cat business suit, a charity volunteer's holey jeans, and a hospital therapist's uniform.

At the present time he is perfecting his ability to bend the written word to his will across a range of genres, styles, and forms. He has wheezed his way up the knoll of the novella, squeezed through the constriction of non-fiction, and breezed to rest in the tepee of poetry before he found a big enough word-shovel to dig out a novel.

He continues to believe that "X" marks the spot, but wonders why every treasure map is upside down, no matter which way he turns it.

About My Work 


Eclectic is not a dirty word.

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The scribblings and scrawlings of a disordered mind.

You have been warned.


(If pressed, I will plead innocence on the grounds of diminished responsibility.)

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